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Saturday, 19 January 2008

He's Really Ill.

Well I've been suitably punished for my last post.

All my whinging and moaning about my sons illness / disease / bug / virus has come back to bite me right on my big, fat ass. How? Simple, my son really is ill!

It started a week ago with a temperature and what was obviously a yucky all-over feeling leading to night after night of poor, broken sleep accompanied by the loudest snoring I've ever heard. Then there was a marked loss of appetite, even chocolate didn't hold its usual attraction for him.

Then suddenly, he starts slurring his words sounding pretty much like a drunk or a diabetic who badly needs to raise their sugar levels (I'm not being disparaging I'm a diabetic). This started alarm bells ringing in my head so loud it drowned out everything else.

So many serious illnesses and conditions have slurred speech as a symptom.

Even the unlikeliest of conditions started to run through my head like Bells Palsey, strokes even Autism and once those worries start there's no stopping them as any mother knows only too well.

I phoned the doctor and after much shilly-shallying on their part I got them to send the doctor to my house.

3 hours later the doctor finally arrives.

She listens to his chest, front and back (she seemed to spend ages listening but I wasn't sure if it was just time passing slowly).

Finally she tells me that he has a chest infection and that she'll be giving him antibiotics, Amoxycillin, no less. It's meant to be banana flavoured but if bananas tasted like that then no-one would ever eat them.

She couldn't give any kind of opinion or advice on his slurred speech though as she hadn't heard it due to the fact he was too darn tired to pronounce anything.


He's had one dose of the Amoxycillin tonight and is on 3 a day so if there's no improvement by Monday and his speech is stll slurred I'm going down the surgery and I'm not moving an inch till he's seen.
He's going to school on Monday morning mainly so the teachers can also hear his speech if it is still slurred. I'm rapidly approaching hyperdrive worrying and hearing the opinion of someone logical will help me not to be easily fobbed off by those fobbing masters, my family doctors.
Fingers crossed and best wishes for my poor little wounded soldier.


2 people have experienced mischief:

LaskiGal said...

I can only imagine your frustration. I will keep you in my thoughts and hope all turns out OK. Keep us updated . . .

camileando said...

My son was and is also sick. Like two weeks ago he also snored, even harder than my housband, and he simple had no appetite. I took him to the doctor, they gave him antibiotics. That worked marvouslly. But, two weeks latter, he still eats less than usual, and he still snores and wakes up at night.

So, what i am saying is that ¡I hate my son being sick because he gets sooooo demanding!... and I get sooooo angry. So dont punish yourself for "hating" him when he doesn`t sleep at night. Down here(in the southern hemisfere) there is another loving/hating mother. But despite of the hatred, the truth is that as soon as our sons are really sick, we take perfect care of them and we will do anything in order to help them feel well again. I think thats what motherhood is about... being there even though we would like to be sleeping, reading, watching tv, blogging, etc.
Good luck, and i hope your son will be better soon.