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Monday, 31 December 2007

My Worst New Years Ever.

I've just realised that today, New Years Eve, is my wedding anniversary. You may be wondering how I could forget a special date like a wedding anniversary but I forgot it because it's nothing to celebrate. It's something to commiserate and regret whole-heartedly.

It has ruined New Years Eve for me forever.

I got married in the morning and before the ink was dry on the certificate I knew it was a mistake and doomed to 100% certain failure. I didn't even like him that much let alone love him So why I went through with it is something I'm not certain of even today some seven years later.

The ceremony itself took place in my local registry office and for a registry office I guess it was fine, nothing spectacular or wedding orientated but clean and tidy and it had the most gorgeous stained glass window specially when the sun shone through it.

The actual wedding night was different too.

I spent it sleeping with his two young kids in the bedroom and he spent it on the sofa in the living room. Come to think of it that was the best part of the whole charade, his young kids were lovely.

If I had only known this mistake of a marriage would end up with me in a coma and dying (luckily the hospital staff were able to save my life) I can honestly say I would never ever have done it.

The funniest thing is if you were to ask him he would tell you that he was completely innocent of any wrongdoing and that the hospital staff and I made it all up.
So the hospital spent thousands of pounds of their budget in making up a lie and treating me for ongoing conditions because this happened just to get at him.

His name should have warned me. John Thomas by name and John Thomas by nature.

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