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Monday, 31 December 2007

Looking Back Over The Year.

You Had a Bad Year

Your year was horrible. There's no other way to say it.
A lot went wrong for you, and you're still recovering from it.
The good news is that things probably won't get worse for you.
So look forward to the new year, where things will hopeful be much better!

Well, my year wasn't fantastic compared to a very few select others. True, I didn't receive fantastic riches, snagged myself a famous spouse or won some wonderful competition but honestly it wasn't as bad as this quiz makes it sound.

I didn't lose a close family member, my home or suffer a relationship breakdown and the bailiffs didn't walk off with all my posessions. So my year wasn't all bad.

* I made some wonderful online friends this year and I've found an outlet for my writing where

it is read and commented on by others.

* My mum is the same as always and I'm as proud of what she has accomplished this year as it
is possible to be.
* My son has excelled past all expectations and is now no longer classed as "developmentally


* Robin and I are stronger now as a couple than we have ever been. I know I can rely on him

to be at my side through everything, good or bad.

* My divorce has gone through this year. I'm just waiting for the decree absolute and then I'll

be free of all that tosser like dead-weight that has been hanging on me for so long.

Next year Robin can finally go to court to get parental rights for Spud officially, then adopt Spud and we can get married. All of us can have the same surname and all rights will be jointly held as they should have been from the word go.

No more needless red tape to battle through and I can finally lay to rest the mistakes I made when Spud was born.

Mum will get the flat she wants next year and won't have the mortgage eating so much of her money. She'll have more money for living expenses and living in a new area will have new friends and neighbours.

Hopefully next year will bring doctors who will sort me out health wise and we'll be living in a new home where I can get out and about and have a life out of the house.

I'll finally have the little dog I've wanted for so long.

In 2008 hopefully, oh so hopefully..........

* Britney will wear underwear

* Paris will say and do something intelligent

* Robbie Williams will release something worth listening to

* Victoria Beckham will eat something

* They will make a third series of Rome

* They will bring back Dr House's team as it was / should be

* Sara will get back with Grissom on CSI

and all will be good in the world

4 people have experienced mischief:

Loralee Choate said...

I wish that American's would adopt more Brit lingo. "Tosser" is such a great word. So is "Cow" and "Wanker".


I think that is a great list of accomplishments for the year! Hopefully, all will stay on track for 2008.

I also heartily agree with the statements about House and CSI.

michele tune said...

Maybe a little link love will cheer you up!

Happy New Year!


awannabe said...

It lied to me. It said I had an average year. I guess that is better than a bad year. Either way I hope 2008 will be a good year for both of us.

Mama Zen said...

Your year doesn't sound that bad to me, either. Makes me afraid to even wonder what the quiz would say about mine!

Wasn't Rome fabulous? I wish they'd make another season, too!