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Thursday, 6 December 2007

The Mini Interview.

Jen of Dirty Little Secret.

is conducting several mini-interviews so being the greedy, avaricious bugger I am I immediately asked for an interview for me.

She kindly obliged, so here it is:

1. What inspired you to start blogging?

When I started blogging it was my idea to have an online way of having memories of my sons childhood and my life as his mum. Something he could in time, look back on and maybe get to know his mum a bit better. It evolved and adapted over time and is now more of a dumping ground for everything including news items, family exploits and strong opinions, with a bit of my writing and humour added in for good measure.

2. What is your dream job (besides being a mom) and why?

My dream job would be one where I get to use my mind and am involved with people.
I always wanted to be a social worker or something like that. I like the idea of helping someone with their life and battling through endless forms and red tape.
The two occupations that most appealed to me were social worker as I've already mentioned and probation officer.

3. What TV show do you love but are ashamed that you love?

I love the following tv shows that I'll only admit to online where I'm more or less anonymous. I love these silly, immature or just badly acted / pathetic shows so much that I've even considered buying the box set DVD's.

* Hidden Palms.
* Melrose Place.
* Beauty And The Beast. (the one with Linda Hamilton.)
* America's Next Top Model.

Am I alone in loving these?

4. What is the most important thing you want your son to learn about you?

That even though he is disciplined (sometimes a lot) that he is a worthwhile, wonderful person who should never let people walk over him or bully others.
I want him to learn that caring about others is important in life and that even those with problems like mental health issues or disabilities are worthwhile people and should never be ridiculed or be treated nastily

5. Did you know your husband was "the one" when you met him?

I never thought for one minute that Robin would be the one when I first met him. I didn't expect any relationship with him would last more than three weeks mainly because of the distance involved. We met in an AOL chatroom and those types of relationships never last. It's a well known fact, but in my case it did last and most days I'm very glad and happy of that fact.

2 people have experienced mischief:

Jerseygirl89 said...

Great post! I loved your answers. Thanks for doing this!

awannabe said...

I loved what you said about your son. Personally, I think those lessons about caring for others we learn moreso from what we experience in our own lives, not neccessarily what our parents teach us. My son is cold and materialistic most of the time. I didn't teach him to be that way though.