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Thursday, 6 December 2007

Christmas Is The Best Time Of The Year Because.....

Jordan over at MamaBlogga is hosting a monthly group writing project.

This month the subject is:

"The best time of the year." You can finish that thought with whatever reflections
you'd like: on this holiday season, on the best time you've had all
year, etc.

My two favourite times of the year both have the same cause and that cause is my son, Marshall. His birthday is always a special time and it is made even more special because my son being here at all is nothing short of a miracle.
Even given how special my sons birthday is to me nothing can beat Christmas specially now my son is old enough to fully understand what is happening.

The excitement of Christmas starts to build in my son from around the first time he sees Christmas decorations in a store window, which incidentally seems to get earlier every year.

I love seeing the shops all decorated and glitzy too, it's exciting and the anticipation of the unknown desired gift is a feeling both my son and I love.
I love the whole shopping experience in the run up to Christmas, the streets get decorated and buses pass with drivers in red, Santa suits. The hot dog sellers and the hot chestnut sellers seem to emanate a cheerfullness that includes everyone, even those completely loaded with presents and walking on sore, tired, cold feet can't help but smile.

Seeing those people you tramped town to buy a present for open a gift you thought so carefully about and smile with happyness is a really fun part of Christmas.
I like buying presents for those I love as it is a small opportunity to show how much they are appreciated and loved and I admit I love getting presents too, Christmas may be more about giving than receiving but I love the receiving bit too. A lot.

I love to see a tree decorated with lights and baubles specially with a pile of brightly wrapped boxes underneath, it's just heartwarming to see and makes the room look so welcoming. Christmas is the ideal time to hopefully proudly display the kids decorations they have made in school. I love adding a new one impatiently crafted by my son every year, they are not perfect but they are the most important decoration I have and it's good to see how he is improving artistically and with his co-ordination every year.

The angel at the top of the tree is also important to me as we bought it for our very first Christmas together and even though the tree has now outgrown the angel she holds a place in my heart and will always be our trees crowning glory, unless my son ever makes one that is.

I love the way my son has an unshakeable belief in Father Christmas, he is the one my son is sure will make all his dreams come true. Unfortunately all his dreams are materialistic at the moment but at four years old I think there's plenty of time to instill some sense of giving to others. For now I want to give him amazing Christmases and that includes Father Christmas and chocolate for breakfast while he opens his stocking fillers before waking me up.

My son is starting to learn about the reson we celebrate Christmas and this year he is to be a wise man in the school play. I'm really looking forward to seeing him proudly carrying his gift to the baby Jesus and even better is the fact that the play is held in a real barn at the local farm with straw and animals in attendance.

I just hope I don't cry.

Other things I love about Christmas are the food we all eat that we normally wouldn't. I don't just mean the amount of food but also the type of food, chief of which has to be chocolate and hot mince pies with cream ladled on.

Tv is slightly better at this time of year with much loved films such as "It's a wonderful life" or the obligatory "James Bond" hopefully with the young Sean Connery in the lead role and the Christmas specials of shows we loved watching through the year.

I have to mention the essential heartbreak / divorce and deaths that occur in each and every soap opera. Christmas really wouldn't be Christmas without something totally awful happening in the soaps.

I hope one year to be able to have a white Christmas like you see on tv with all the fun a decently heavy snowfall provides.

My son is desperate to play throwing snowballs and build a snowman like he sees on his favourite shows.

I'd love to show him how to make a snow angel I think he'd love rolling around in the snow it would be like making a mess but with my blessing for a change.

All in all I love Christmas but with the expense, the food and the cold I don't think I'll be wishing it could be Christmas every day anytime soon. Once a year keeps it special.

And it is special.

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