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Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Men I Like But Shouldn't Really

Do you have a crush on a tv show actor or maybe a film / music star that you really shouldn't like but do ?
Someone you wouldn't look at twice in real life ?

The ones I like, I like because of their character, not their body or their millions but because their public or tv show characters I really like.

(01) Dr Gregory House M.D.
House M.D.

Mean, sarcastic, nasty, emotionally damaged with a huge chunk of attitude on his shoulder.
I'd hate him in real life but he's damn sexy on tv.

(02) Dr Spencer Reid.
Criminal Minds.

Genius IQ, quiet, awkward, geeky, nerd with difficulty relating to people.
I don't know why he's so appealing but I suspect it may have to do with the Bambi syndrome and mother instinct. I just want to cuddle him and make him happy.

(03) Greg Saunders.
C.S.I Vegas.

Friendly, eager, funny, much like a bouncing cute pet puppy, loves daft pranks.
He would irritate me after an hour or two but in C.S.I he's become my favourite character.

(04) Horatio Kane.
CSI Miami.

Adamant, always knows he's right and even worse a bright orange red-head.
I'd never go for a carrot-top ever specially one whos always right.

(05) Titus Pullo.

Arrogant, one of those men who has to be the boss, vicious.
He's damn sexy, there is no way I'd have said no, he was loyal, moralistic and had strong unbreakable values in his own way.

(06) Steven Tyler.

Huge mouth which would be repulsive on anybody else but not on him. On him it is sexy.

Thats 6 of mine, have you any?
not including Richard Hammond off Top Gear cos everyone likes him.

3 people have experienced mischief:

Lisa said...

I love House! I love him, I tell you! Heck, I love him so much, I might even love Gregory Kuhn! In fact, I do - because, I think it's adorable that a Brit can speak with an American accent! That cracks me up!

awannabe said...

We must totally have different tastes in men... lol.

I had a huge crush on Ty Pennington for a long time, as well as David Duchovny.

fish said...

Definetley Steven Tyler! I mean people look at him and straight away they see his lips while i dont i see he is such a sweet old man with huge lips!