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Sunday, 30 December 2007

Celebrating (not especially).

One Person Is Not A Party.
This years "celebrations" will see me either sleeping out the old and snoring in the new or not even noticing as I stare at the tv set in perfect silence.
My festivities will have a schedule of sorts, something vaguely (very vaguely) like this:
18:30 Robin leaves for work.
19:30 Story and wash for my son.
20:00 Me beginning to surf and watch the Rome box set mum got me for Christmas, on my own
in complete silence, peaceful silence, blessed silence. A silence where I can actually hear
every word spoken without a single "mum can I have" or "I need a wee" or the ultimate
in annoying "nee narr, nee narr look at me mum I'm a fire engine".
00:00 Sometime after midnight mum (who might also be on her own) and/or Robin will phone
to wish me all the best etc depending on whether mum is awake and whether Robin has
a customer on board or not.
Not many peoples idea of a great way to celebrate New Years Eve but when you have a young child, no friends at all, no family nearby and no transport options are severely limited.
I'm loking forward to watching my Rome dvd's in my comfy pyjamas in room temperature I choose and maybe even eating some bits and bobs like chocolate and savouries.
Doesn't sound too bad to me.

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