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Tuesday, 20 November 2007

My Bad Habits.

Bad Habits
20 November 2007, 17:00:31 | JM
We all have them – the little things we know we should not do but often do unconsciously. Sometimes they are things we should do but don’t, like not flossing every time we brush our teeth.

I am talking about bad habits.

What are your bad habits?

I have many bad habits that live alongside my bad character traits, we all do. Life gives us those habits and whether they are good or bad they are part of what makes us the person we are.

The bad habits of mine that I'm willing to admit to are:

* Pulling the seal off the milk bottle and dumping it in the fridge instead of the
* Biting my nails when I'm stressed or unhappy.
* Making my son get me something instead of getting off my bum and getting it
* Cocooning myself in the duvet no matter how cold hubby is.
* Turning down the pages of the book I'm reading instead of using a bookmark.
* Wearing socks in bed, sometimes the same pair I wore that day.
* Holding grudges forever.
* Wishing those that did me wrong were afflicted with "what goes around, comes

I have lots more and I mean lots but I want you to think I'm a better, nicer person than I am so I'm not going to list them. All you need to know is that I have some good and bad points, no worse than anyone elses.

So there!

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awannabe said...

I don't know about "what comes around goes around," but the Bible says we reap what we sow... and I'm guilty of wishing my mother in law will reap what she's sown... instead of praying for her to sow better seeds like positivity instead of negativity. Sometimes I am happy because I know she won't go to heaven if she continues on her path... and I won't have to deal with how selfish is that?