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Saturday, 17 November 2007

The Amazingly Secretive Travelling ATM Card

I went to Tesco's today, I wanted to buy some foody bits and hopefully a warm jumper or cardi or something.
At the cashpoint outside the stores entrance I discover that my cashcard is missing, I have no idea where it is but I do remember it being on the coffee table.
So, as we walk away from the machine Marshall asks daddy if he can have a Happy meal at the next door McDonalds but of course we can't as I have no access to my money. Daddy tells my son that no he can't because mummy couldn't get any pennies out the cashpoint. Marshall says he can get some pennies for us and as me and daddy smile at the cuteness of the offer we traipse back to the car totally unladen with shopping.

After the 25+ mile journey back home we are looking desperately for my cashcard to no avail. We lift up sofa cushions, sofas and various bits of detritus but no cashcard.......... then Marshall says

"Do you want to use my cashcard mummy?" and yes, he puts his hand in his pocket and pulls out my cashcard. The cash card that had been in his pocket at the cashpoint and while in Tesco's, the card he didn't think to mention till we have been on a 55-60 mile roundtrip.

Kids huh!

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Laane said...

Oh...that's so awful!!

Well...I'm going to wish you our birthdaywish:
lang zal ze leven.

That's different from happy birthday. It means: may she live long. Which is a better wish I think.

Thanks for visiting me so often.
I try to visit back, but somedays I can only work and that's it.