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Friday, 26 October 2007

The One With Good And Bad In It.

My mum, wonderful woman that she is bought me a laptop for my birthday & xmas present. It's fantastic & I love it. A lot.
I've wanted one for ages so I can write & go online anywhere, even snuggled up in bed or when I'm stuck, sat on the sofa watching Dora the inept explorer with my son.

Now you just know there has to be a problem somewhere don't you?

Here it is:

The bloody thing keeps losing connection to the wireless & I need to flick the wireless connectivity switch to get back online.

Oh the pain,the soul destroying pain.

I haven't got any of that "we'll fix it" cover but as it's only 24 hrs old I'm not expecting too much hassle over getting this faulty part fixed but famous last words & all that.

Fingerscrossed I'm phoning Comet tomorrow. I just hope they'll fix it ¬ force me to phone Toshiba in Japan.

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Jerry Graffam said...

Love your site. You've got a great variety of topics and is fun to read. Keep it up! ~Jerry