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Friday, 12 October 2007

Oh God Why Me?

I've picked up a disease / illness / deathwish inducing sickness that quite literally I would only wish on my worst enemy. I can't believe it is even possible to feel this bad & still be alive.

The symptoms of this "lurgy" range from coughs, sneezes, a nose that permanently runs, blinding headache, sweating while cold chills join in the party, sleeping for 23 hrs + a day, general all-round feeling of eeuurrgghh & assorted aches & pains.
All combining & uniting for a joint attack on me, the poor, poor victim.

I went to the doctors & was prescribed some anti-biotics & some Sudafed for the symptoms. Guess which manufacturer hasn't been able to keep up with demand & guess who can't get her medication.

Me, How did you guess?

I feel like I want to die.
I'm 100% miserable.
I'm going back to be I've been up for an hour & it's tired me out.

2 people have experienced mischief:

Pendullum said...

Hope you are feeling better soon....

awannabe said...

I hope you are better now. I have never heard of "Lurgy". But here in the US Sudafed can no longer be purchased as an Over the counter drug. The pharmacists keep it behind the counter because of all the misuse with meth labs.

I had to sign a book and give my birth date to buy it.