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Sunday, 7 October 2007

She'll have fun, fun, fun til her daddy takes the T-bird away

List three things you did this past week.
Out of those three: what was the most fun?
What made it fun?

1) Phoned my mum.
2) Started my writing course.
3) Went to the market.

All three of these activities were fun in some way & I enjoyed them all because I love talking on the phone & I love shopping even if it's for something boring like food. The most enjoyable & therefore fun activity I did was researching & signing up for various writing groups & of course my writing course.

I enjoyed reading about the various aspects of writing such as submitting articles to composition tips. I managed to pick up some really useful information & found some inspiring websites.
I also joined some writing groups & forums, some of which seem to be very friendly & I'm certain I'll be given lots of good advice & make some new friends who have the same interest in writing that I do.

This was enjoyable to me because it is something I have an interest in & a burning wish to know more & to improve on the paltry writing skills I currently possess.
This may not be in the same league as visiting Disneyland or playing your favourite sport but to me it was fun with the added bonus of hopefully being useful & educational too.

2 people have experienced mischief:

Slevi said...

The writing course sounds like an interesting thing to do :), should definitely be a lot of fun to go through that!

tegdirb92 said...

great post! I love going shopping because I leave my kids at home with my husband and get some alone time to myself!!