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Monday, 1 October 2007

King of clumsyland

Children are clumsy, it's a fact but my son dwells in the land of clumsy & he is their king. You have not seen or encountered clumsyness until you have seen or met my son. Incidentally he does not look like the image above with it's Hitleresque moustache.

If there is something on the floor he will tread in it or kick it over no matter how much floor space is free of obstacles he will trip on that one solitary bit.
He is even able to trip over nothing & bruise himself to hell in the process leaving me to look like an uncaring mother as I roll my eyes to heaven & grit my teeth or looking like an abusive mother as he's literally smothered in black & blue marks.

Today alone (it's 7 pm) he has fallen over twice, headbutted me once, dropped 2 drinks over the floor, stood on my feet three times & last but not least tripped over nothing & landed bottom first in a puddle. This is an average day & god help us all when he gets to be 5"10 & weighs over 10 stone, my poor feet cringe in agony just thinking about it.

I'm lucky though as this is just an overly clumsy child, he isn't suffering from dyspraxia & is in fact just bone bruisingly, painfully & irritatingly clumsy.

He will never win any prizes for gracefullness or dexterity but he'd win prizes for cuteness, being gorgeous & being loveable. He's my son & as clumsy as he may be I love him.

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