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Monday, 24 September 2007

The one about the holiday.

Well, I'm back & it was a long holiday week, almost hellish in some aspects but also memorable in some others.

All I have to say is that the John Fowler Camp in St Ives leaves a lot to be desired & it's staff are extremely lacking in customer service, politeness, enthusiasm & willingness & even worse the food is inedible at best & more regularly a haven for things like salmonella or botulism.

The entertainment was ok & the childrens Foxy Club was absolutely fantastic although quite disorganised.

Marshall entered a disco dancing competition & pogo'd his way on the stage all on his own for a minute (with only one stop to scratch his leg).
He got one hell of an applause when he sat back down & I was so proud. I couldn't have been prouder not even if I won the Nobel Peace Prize or M.I.L.F of the year!
He was such a star & loved the attention, you can see that by the photo underneath.

It was great spending time with mum after so long & Marshall really enjoyed "playing" with nanny. He seems to think that nanny is the same age as him and when it comes to maturity he's probably right ( so there mum!)

I'm going to stop my post there cos there's just so much to say & I don't want to end up with a post that takes 7 hours to load.
I'll just say that I love my mum & "thank you mum for the holiday", the food, weather & entertainment may have been crap but the people I went with couldn't have been better.

Love you!

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