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Sunday, 9 September 2007

Summer is over (but my holiday is soon) ha ha

We, as a family don't go on holiday during the summer as the prices are just too high. We go on holiday once the prices have come back down usually around the second week in September.
We do however go on days out & have seen some sights that will be a cherished memory for years to come.

One of these daytrips was to the International Air Tattoo 2007.

Where else could you see gorgeous airmen (of all nationalities), market stalls, sexy planes & men with big, loaded guns & a shoot to kill policy?
I never used to think of pilots & planes as sexy but I guess the film Top Gun. has a lot to answer for.

The other image I will have of this summer & will have for years to come was of the flooding we experienced in my village due to the heavy rains.
You can see how heavy the rains were by looking at this picture below of a subway, completely flooded.

The misery & damage these floods caused showed us how woefully prepared we are for "acts of nature" we are. The many people who helped out others not for their own personal gain but purely to help was a heart-warming one & it proved even to a bitter old cynic like me that there is still hope for us as a society & that not all people are bad or rotten. Now that has to be worth a few days of rain!

My "summer" holiday is coming up very soon so while everyone is sitting back at their desks, shoulders bent under the weight of daily drudgery I'll be on holiday, looking at things & going places with next to no queues & paying half of what others did who chose to go on holiday when the schools were on break.

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Slevi said...

So true, it's insane how much the price difference is between going on holidays in the actual summer and the moment it ended. Even for simple things like short distance flights the price difference is already about 200 Eur a person!

Too bad though that as a student taking days off isn't as easy so high season is the only option yet it is not because it doesn't fit the budget.

Karen ~Georgia Angel said...

Thanks for visiting my blog.
Loved your pictures!

Sue said...

Loved the pics!!! It is quite expensive to get away in the summer eh! I too prefer Fall travel .. :)