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Sunday, 9 September 2007

Busy cat not bussy cat

One thing that really annoys me is bad spelling, people with dyslexia are of course exempt from my annoyance but seriously how hard is it to use spell check on a p.c?

There are the usual misspellings & grammatical errors such as "it's" or "its" & of course the whole "there, they're, their & two too & to" which irritate me as really they're just basic spellings but the one that makes me cringe, the one that makes me want to scream "use your spellcheck for crying out loud" is the word busy.
Yes, busy is spelt with one "S" not two.

It's another basic word that any spellcheck program will pick up so I can only assume that people think they know how to spell better than spellcheck.

A fact they are sorely mistaken in.

I have a cat, nothing exciting about that but this cat is a male & the only one in a road jam packed with female cats who have all decided that they want to get pregnant at the same time.

My poor, young male cat has never had so much exercise!
He's the culprit for 2 pregnancies at the moment & still counting.

I'm hoping & praying all these other cat owners want the kittens because I don't, I can't afford them & Marshall will want to keep all of them.

My cat is a dirty stop out or a tart.

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