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Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Learning via Motherhood & The Internet.

Becoming a mother is the most consistent, difficult & far ranging education a person could ever have. All your pre-motherhood ideas, thoughts & opinions that you were so certain were infallible or correct are if not proved wrong then at the very least have to be adapted or altered.

Motherhood teaches us more than just tips & tricks in hiding carrots so they will be eaten or how to turn a toddlers mind from the current suicide mission usually involving great heights or electrical sockets.

Motherhood has made me interested in things that I wouldn't have thought once about let alone twice about such as immunisation risks, politics, the ozone layer, nutrition & even the language I speak & attendant grammar usage.

While I am currently more knowledgeable than my pre-schooler on matters of maths, reading & how the p.c works for example; I suspect that this won't be so for much longer because if he has figured out how to turn on the cars ignition & knows what button does what function & can log onto my pc by jusy watching & he's not even four years old yet then by the time he's eight I will be trailing behind him begging him to help me with css & html.

The greatest help I have found in learning tips & tricks & getting the information to answer my son's questions such as "why is the sky blue?" or "why do spiders have eight legs?" has been the internet. Any question or information you need whether to help inform your child or keep your brain from turning to mummymush is immediately at my fingertips from online courses & study guides at sites like BBC LEARNING or the ever increasingly useful WIKIPEDIA.
Even my son can learn on the p.c through child friendly games & kids tv affiliated sites such as the CBEEBIES or NICK JNR sites which educate through much loved but highly irritating tv characters.

Anything I want to know more about from tv shows & actors to academic subjects & from celebrity & fashion to the latest news & political intrigue is readily available & best of all free which means that even if we can't afford to go back to school that doesn't mean we have to stop learning, we can do it all for free from the comfort of our own homes.

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Scribbit said...

Now that I have an 8th grader around there are more and more things popping up that I can't help her with: German homework for example :)

My Ice Cream Diary said...

I know what you mean about having to watch your language and your grammer. I always thought I spoke good English...until I had kids. Currently I am battling with the proper usage of the word "got." Who would have ever thought that would be one of my daily struggles in motherhood?