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Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Breakfast Food isn't always cereal or toast.

The scene:

Robin comes in from work after working all night.
It’s 7 am & before he goes to bed Robin decides to have one of those Rustler microwave burgers for his tea (I know really healthy!)
The ping of the microwave wakes Marshall up so he goes downstairs to watch tv, finds Robin sitting on the sofa with his burger & then………

MARSHALL “What you eating dad?”
ROBIN “My tea”
MARSHALL “Can I have some?”
ROBIN “No, because it’s got sauce on it”
MARSHALL “I don’t like sauce”
ROBIN “I know that’s why you’re not having any”
MARSHALL “But I want some, take the sauce off.”
ROBIN “You’re not having a burger for breakfast”
MARSHALL “You are”
ROBIN “No, this is my tea, I’ve been working all night”
MARSHALL “But I want some”
ROBIN “You can have toast or cereal”
MARSHALL “No, I want burger”
ROBIN “I said no it’s mine.
You do not have burger for breakfast
You eat breakfast food at breakfast”
MARSHALL “(big life is ending sigh)" runs to kitchen & returns with bar of chocolate bar

Suddenly a bit of burger doesn’t seem so bad.

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