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Tuesday, 11 September 2007

4 years have gone so quick

I can't believe it will soon be 4 years since my son was born, where has all that time gone?

I can't believe it's gone so quick, when I think back to how long the nights felt when he was waking every three hours for a feed I just can't get my head around the fact that 4 whole years have passed almost without me knowing.

My little baby boy isn't a baby anymore but a fully grown child & already I can see his independence growing stronger daily & him needing me less & less.

He knows how to turn the tv on by himself & how to get into the fridge, open his own crisp packets & juice bottles. He doesn't need me for any of it & if it wasn't for shoe laces & stiff buttons getting himself dressed wouldn't be an issue either.

I'm trying hard to be glad about this as it means I'm doing enough of the whole mummy thing right for him to be at this stage but god damn it it hurts & I want my cuddly, snuggly little baby boy back. I want to be the fount of all knowledge & the one who makes all things right with his world but I'm not, he is always right now & as for me being the one in charge well, just forget it, he's the boss, the big cheese & tantrums & sulks will ensue if any of us mere mortals deign to disagree.

He's being spoilt rotten (again) this birthday nanny has already bought him a trampoline which he loves to jump on (unfortunately so does one of the cats it seems).

I'm getting him a digital camera, a digicam designed with toddlers in mind. It's encased in lots of tough plastic & rubber & has two eye holes so they can see what they are taking photos of.

I've even got to buy a sd memory card for it cos god help me if he took pictures & lost them lol.


What really annoys me is the fact this camera for a 4 year old is costing more than mine & Robins put together!

Who bets he breaks it within a week?

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