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Wednesday, 26 September 2007

13 things that ruined my holiday

Thirteen Things That ruined my holiday

01) The weather was mainly rainy & freezing cold.
02) The clubhouse was up a hill from the chalet.
03) The duvet was too small, every time I moved in my sleep bits of me got cold.
04) The food available on site was terrible, a haven for listeria & botulism.
05) The entertainment was at best terrible.
06) The entertainment staff were very immature & did not gel with their audience.
07) All staff were miserable 24/7.
08) All staff found giving any kind of customer service too much to bother with.
09) There was no sugar at all on site, the delivery was not due till the day before
we left.
10) The Tate Gallery in St Ives had mainly abstract art not what I class as
"proper" art.
11) You had to smoke outside in the freezing cold.
12) The farewell character show was cancelled.
13) We forgot to take Marshalls birthday presents so had to buy new ones there.

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11 people have experienced mischief:

yh said...

Sorry that those things ruined your holiday :( But you survived!

impworks said...

Sorry you had such a bad holiday. You don't mention where it was. Just so I don't ever go there...

Chelle Y. said...

That's too bad about your bad luck! You'll just have to take another Holiday! :)

Tink said...

What a pity your holiday turned out this bad... I hope your next one will be lots and lots better!
My TT shows my Tinkerbell collection.

Nicholas said...

Sounds like the holiday from hell. You should have another holiday, to recover from your first one.

Yen said...

Oh sorry to hear those 13 things that ruined your holiday..:( Maybe next time will be better!

Happy TT!

Lori said...

Did anything positive happen?? Did you get to spend any quality time with your family?? Try to find one thing to be thankful might make it seem a little better:) Happy TT.

Vixen said...

Wow, maybe you should call that your "unholiday" and try again? Happy TT.

Morgan St. John said...

holy crap! where did you go? You should submit to one of those morning shows that are always giving people a second chance at vacation...

meleah rebeccah said...

aww.... that sucks! how awful.

At least your home again!

Bloggers said...

Hope your next holiday is a lot better!!

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