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Monday, 13 August 2007

Tuesday's Trial & Tribulation. #5.

While sitting here at my p.c, minding my own business, not annoying anyone, just sitting here nice & quiet, I am being dive-bombed by a fly. A fly on either a suicide mission or just a kamikazee fly. This fly gets so close I swear his wings have touched me.

Is it just me or have these pests become much more belligerent in the last few years?
I'm sure they never used to divebomb when I was a child, a quick burst of fly spray & they were gone.
Now, they seem immune to fly spray or hide when I'm holding the spray, the aerosol of instant death to some & blessed relief to others.

Living in the country as I do, surrounded by trees & fields with a multitude of pet dogs & cats living nearby flies are something we have to grudgingly live with but I don't want to put up with them I want them gone.

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Kevin Charnas said...

I would tell you to pepper spray them, but you just might get yourself the sounds of it, they might like it.