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Sunday, 12 August 2007

Blog Talkers. #33

How important are the issues of race/ethnicity towards building a stable country/government? And what are your views on immigrants & immigration laws?

I am a British citizen, I was born here & will most likely die here. I hope that our society in the U.K will accept new citizens from other countries more easily as time goes on & we will be able to live safely & contentedly beside & with one another.

Many of the newly arrived immigrants in this country have chose to apply for residency here because their personal beliefs do not coincide with their countries governments thinking & to remain would be dangerous for them.
I am proud to live in a country where people can legally think & believe their own thoughts without fear of death or imprisonment. However, the people that choose to come to a different country to live must be willing to integrate with & abide by the laws of the new country. I believe that problems start in society when the new citizens refuse to integrate with the rest of society & become an unknown element as this is how fear, distrust & suspiscion can ferment & build.
The government has to tread a fine line between enforcing new laws that upset those who have lived here through generations or of those new to the country, altering & changing one groups traditions & beliefs to appease the other is only going to foster distrust & dislike.

People from other countries can enrich us in many ways & introduce us to thoughts, foods even clothing we would not have discovered on our own doorsteps otherwise. Many of our favourite foods originated in another country, like curry, kebabs, pizza, pasta & chop suey. We can buy these now from local fast food shops where we did not have the option before. Would we have known about the wonderful camouflage abilities a sarong has while we wear a swimsuit if sarongs hadn’t been discovered?

We’ve all heard how the “immigrants” are stealing our jobs but in truth they are mainly doing the jobs that we do not choose do to or as is increasingly becoming the case are more qualified to do as our education focuses on different skills to other countries.

All of us no matter where we reside will know of people living near us or working with us who were born in another country. The idea is to balance equally the amount of people emigrating against those immigrating, too many of one or the other will lead to difficulties in society & services.
There are obviously difficulties when one country admits large numbers of people from other countries but the difficulties such as added strain on healthcare services & housing they bring has to be weighed against the good factors they bring, a fact many of us seem to forget.

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stev said...

i like your thoughts especially on the balance portion. it helps that you seem to have quite a good grasp on the issue & list out the pros, cons & possible scenarios

a very good read =)