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Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Write Anyway - Gratitude.

Today I want you to pick one thing you are grateful for. Then write why you are grateful for it. After that, write a little bit about your life/day/whichever if that special element had not come into your life.

I am grateful for my son.

I’m grateful for the one thing I always secretly wanted but never thought would come true. I always pretended that I never wanted children, that I just wasn’t that bothered about the whole experience of motherhood. I didn’t want people’s sympathy, so I acted like I had no interest or feeling in the subject for years.
The day the doctor told me I was pregnant my first thought was that it must be an ectopic pregnancy, I just could not imagine being pregnant & that with my appallingly bad luck, to actually be pregnant means that there must be something wrong somewhere because my luck just couldn’t be that good, my dream surely couldn’t be coming true after all those years.

I changed when I had my son, instead of me being the centre of my universe there was suddenly another person who mattered much more than me, much more. Someone who filled my heart to the very brim & made my whole life suddenly glorious technicolour with tweeting birds, rainbows & adorable little bunnies hopping around.
That state of affairs lasted until the first smelly nappy change & night of broken sleep!

My son has changed me as a person, my hopes & dreams are now centred around my son & I’ve become rather like a mother lion, protecting my son from the realities of life & making sure his childhood will be full of rainbows & joy. He is my first thought when I wake & my last at night & even after a day of toddler tantrums & phrases such as “don’t like you mummy” I’m still truly blessed because with the headaches & exhaustion come so much love, fun & happiness that I truly know there is no better than this.

3 people have experienced mischief:

JM said...

That's beautiful. :) It makes me want a child of my own.

meleah rebeccah said...

I love being a MOM too!

(Thank you for your wonderful and HONEST comment on my blog the other day with reagards to Crohn's disease and the sturugles we deal with. It menat a lot to me.)

Now I have to spend more time reading your blog !!

Elaine Vigneault said...

Nice post. I bet your son will like to read it later.