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Thursday, 30 August 2007

Thursday. 13.

Thirteen Things about Madamspud169

13 Reasons Why I Love Robin.

1) He cooks. (not a great repertoire & he makes a mess but he cooks).
2) He washes up (I hate the bits of food floating in the bowl).
3) He works hard (not for himself but for us as a family).
4) He always has time, energy & interest in our son.
5) He always puts Marshall & I first, no matter what.
6) He thinks my mum is great (she is, it’s just nice it’s recognised).
7) He knows all my faults & still loves me & wants to be with me.
8) He doesn’t try to be the “Big Man I Am”, we’re equals.
9) He’s intelligent enough to not ask questions all the way through t.v shows
& we can talk about anything without fear of being ridiculed.
10) He will try new things & foods even if he doesn’t like the look of them.
11) He still thinks I’m too good for him even after all this time.
12) I can rely on him to always be on my side even if he thinks I’m wrong.
13) He’s a big guy height & build & that makes me feel safe & secure.

13 Reasons Why Robin Drives Me Mad.

01) Although he knows about diabetes it doesn’t ever truly sink in.
02) He farts too much.
03) He has smelly feet.
04) Sometimes I think I have 2 sons not one.
05) When cooking a fried egg say he flicks the oil everywhere.
06) He has no hairdressing skills (I so want someone to do my hair for me).
07) He takes the mickey when I cry at tv shows.
08) He is transport mad & can talk about it for hours.
09) He keeps putting things in the top kitchen cupboard when he knows I
can’t reach.
10) He likes watching films when they’re halfway through (I hate it).
11) He can literally fall asleep standing up.
12) He has all these ideas that he never follows through on.
13) He has no confidence in himself. He can’t see what I can see in him & he
truly believes he’s too thick to do certain things when he can he just
thinks he can’t.

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2 people have experienced mischief:

WAHM said...

Great list.

my very first 13 is up !

jenny-up the hill said...

So...farting is a bad thing? lol!! I have three smelly boys (one being my husband) who embracing farting...I on the other hand, do not! lol!! You've put together two great lists...Robin sounds like a great guy...even if he has embraced the fart!...