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Friday, 10 August 2007

Freewrite Friday - Lying part #2

I talked about the link between motherhood & lying & how they unavoidably go together, you can read that post on the subject here at Motherhood & Lying After posting I had a sudden realisation there is another type of organisation or genre of life that we all lie in & that is employment. In fact some occupations are just lying & getting paid for it.

We lie on our application forms academic grades get mysteriously altered C's become B's & B's become A's, work experience & responsability at work get altered locking up one night & looking after the keys becomes assistant management or showing the new staff member how to use the till becomes "training staff". These are if not lies then an expansion or exaggeration of the truth.

There are also occupations where you are paid to stretch the truth, lie or personally recommend something you have never used some of these occupations are known for doing this, occupations like lawyers, p.r people, spin doctors, marketing people, paid reviewers & estate agents.
These people in many if not all cases have to forgo some aspects of personal honesty in order to do their jobs & while that is fine for them it isn't something I could or would do.

I couldn't be a model advertising some new food & pretend I thought it was delicious or healthy if it reminded me of orange flavoured lard on a popsicle stick, although that all depends on the amount of money they're going to pay me.
I think we would all tell a lie if we felt comfortable doing so but I think the payback has to make it worth our while. It's a trade off really our honesty versus our empty bank balance & which we feel we can change & happily live with.
So if the choice came down to these options:

Personal honesty vs well paid job & comfortable life
Personal honesty vs your child doing / behaving / eating as he should

On the whole I'd rather keep my personal ethics & honesty but I'm no moral or ethical angel & given the choice I know which I'll go for so "goodbye personal honesty, hello son's bedtime & peace & quiet".

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mandy said...

loving your blog.....
found you through boomama.
blessings in winning the war.