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Saturday, 4 August 2007

Sundays Moans & Groans #3

Today's moan can't be rectified & I should really be happy that I have this situation to moan about but I'm not, I hate each new circumstance that adds to it.
It's a big ball of upset in my stomach that feels like the world is ending & I dread the next one almost as much as Lindsey Lohan dreads the thought of rehab.

What is this terrible thing ?

It's my son growing up, doing new things that he couldn't do before & even needing new clothes because the old ones are too small & not needing my help as much as he did because he can do it himself.
It's like tiny steps away from me, away from being that cute little baby. It's him hurtling towards independence & being his own person. I know it means I'm doing what I'm supposed to do & he's doing what he's supposed to do but DAMN IT he's my baby & I want him to stay that way.
I'm proud of him when he does each new thing but it's sad as well.

Another annoyance for want of another word is the non-stop, on & on chattering about nothing at all that my son is now able to do. He can not only repeat the same question 400 times, each one immediately after the exact same question using the exact same words but he can also just talk about nothing in particular ie a pencil for 10 minutes +.
When I think back to the days when I couldn't wait for him to start talking I think how peaceful & quiet those days were. I didn't really appreciate the blessed silence & I wish I could get it back just for half an hour.

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JHS. said...

You've got a long way to go, baby! :-) Just wait until he is taller than you and shaving. That will make your heart stop. Trust me.

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