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Saturday, 4 August 2007

Looking back, now with understanding.

When I first had Marshall various doctors & health visitors (evil Edna's in disguise) were worried about his growth & development. I couldn't see any problems with him after all he was just perfect in my eyes, although the blinkers & rose tinted glasses fell off once he started talking & crawling. Strangely enough my fantasies of being the mummy that can do it all also vanished in a puff of smoke.

Looking at this photo from when he was 13 months old I can see why they were worried although I couldn't at the time. He seems so tiny & fragile I'm amazed I didn't break him. He looks nothing like over a year old but I truly didn't notice till much later. Here's the photo:

This photo below is my favourite one he's around 10 months or so here & we were on the bus, the lady we had sat next to had just taken back her keys & he really wasn't pleased about it. It was sadly a sign of things to come as he didn't cry just sulked & sulked & sulked all the way home.

Can't think where he gets the sulking from it can't possibly be me, just ask my mum.......... on second thoughts best not lol

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diddlinaknits said...

Awww he is soo cute!!! Isn't it amazing looking at older pictures and seeing how much they have changed.
We always get Aidan's picture take before christmas and then we put the picture in the cards that we send out for Christmas-well everyne used to talk about how chunky Aidan was and i just didnt think so at all but then last year when i went to put this years picture in the frame i pulled out his first years picture and he looked HUGE to me-i just though oh wow he really was a porker then but when he was that little i just didnt see that at all :)
We just look at our babies with love and no judgement or second thought of their appearance.

Peter Chen said...

Hi Madamspud169,

Thanks for taking time and trouble to leave a comment in my post Favicon for your Blogger blog and for your kind words. I have responded to your comment.

Peter (Blog*Star 2006 and 2007)
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