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Thursday, 16 August 2007

My BAD Habit.

There is a contest at the moment over at Scribbit. where you have to write about your collections & while I couldn't possibly write about all of mine I thought I'd write about those I'm happy for the public to know about.

I have many bad habits I'd like to pretend otherwise but too many people just know me or of me too darn well. One bad habit I have that I'm willing to talk about that is, is the collection of what is most likely classed as total junk or even rubbish.
Here is my confession of my collections.

1) Handbags.

I just adore handbags, buying a brand new handbag fills me with such happyness, I start imagining myself in different outfits looking chic & fashionable rather like Kate Moss. I love sorting out my odds & ends from one bag to another although I have to admit my bags do tend to be muck magnets with tissues & half empty packets of food my son has left.
I'm ashamed to admit but I have over thirty handbags now but that elusive bag that fulfills all my wants & desires is still elusive but I am determined to keep on trying.

2) Recipes.

I am forever collecting recipes for meals & snacks, I rip them out of magazines & newspapers in doctors surgeries, I search for them on the internet & I've even joined sites where you can search for recipes. My main recipe vice is typing an ingredient & then the word recipe into Google & then spending hours looking at them.
I rarely do anything with these recipes though, I hate cooking & I have no skill, talent or inclination to improve, so these recipes get filed away never to see the light of day again.
I don't know why I have this compulsion to collect recipes I never use but I have found one possible use for them, if & when my son gets married & if I don't particularly like her I will give her this collection of gourmet recipes & tell her "my son ate these all the time while he was growing up".

I have other things I collect from the "Alex Delaware" series of books by Jonathan Kellerman to little shoe ornaments, jewellery to take away menus which we rarely use as we live too far away from most of them.
My collections may be becoming obsessions but I get enjoyment from it & let's be honest here mine are all useful they entertain me, look pretty to look at & I can use them to carry things in & thankfully they're cheap to collect as otherwise I'd have a collection consisting of no items.

3 people have experienced mischief:

just me said...

i love handbags too.

...but I call them pocketbooks.

which is a really retro term.

the address to my blog is:

long and wordy.

thanks for liking it!!

Scribbit said...

Oh another handbag addict--wonderful! I should start a support group :)

Loralee Choate said...

Here, here! I cannot believe I went the whole summer without buying ONE!!!