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Thursday, 16 August 2007

Thursday 13. #2.

Thirteen Things about Madamspud169

13 people I'd like to invite to a dinner party.

01. Boris Johnson (UK politician)
02. Jo Brand (UK comedienne)
03. Hugh Laurie (eye candy / actor)
04. Jennifer Aniston (actress)
05. Dalai Lama.
06. Anne Boleyn. (second wife of Henry v111)
07. Robbie Williams. (singer)
08. Bill Gates (founder of Microsoft)
09. Michael Moore. (US anti-Bush activist)
10. Ruth Badger. (businesswoman)
11. Martin Luther King.
12. Katie Price. (model)
13. Peter Andre. (ex singer)

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1 people have experienced mischief:

Ross12345 said...

I love Boris Johnson hes so insane! I want him to be mayor of london.