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Friday, 17 August 2007

What Are They Grateful For?

The website Write Anyway. has asked us to look at two photos & write about what we think they are grateful for. This is something quite similar to what I do when I watch the world go by, I look at someone & create whole lives, relationships & characters for them so I'm really going to enjoy this.

Both these people have something they are truly grateful for. What is it? Is it something obvious or something you would have never guessed? Who is this person to be grateful for such a thing/person/event?

Spend five minutes on each picture. Don’t edit yourself, don’t look back. Just write about the person and what you think s/he is grateful for.

Picture 1.

The woman in this picture doesn't look just grateful to me she looks totally thrilled, happy & proud. She looks like she has finally finished something she has been finding a trial or difficult & is proud of the way it turned out & happy the ordeal is finally over.
I'm guessing she was working on an article that really stretched her & was difficult for her to accomplish & that just a moment or two before this picture was taken she had sent off the completed work to it's final destination, a work she is truly proud of.

This woman seems truly happy with her life & I think is grateful for her life & talents & the fact that now her work is finished to the best of her ability she can finally relax a little without feeling under pressure.

Picture 2.

The man in the picture above doesn't look particularly grateful for whatever it is that has just occurred, he looks aghast, horrified, shocked, in total disbelief & despair & most likely worried about what will happen next.
He will be grateful about some things in his life such as family, friends & his lifestyle, the disaster that is occurring won't change that but he will be unable to feel or remember those things at the time because all he will be seeing & thinking about is the current disaster.

We all let our lives & it's incumbent troubles overtake our minds & emotions at times & we forget the blessings we have. We live on an emotional roller coaster reaching the highs of the first photo but also crashing down to the murky depths of the second. Life is a mixture of both of these levels & neither last forever, the high will decrease to a more sustainable level & the lows will be raised by the next success we have.

The highs may be wonderful & the lows may be devastating but truth be told hold on to your hats it's one hell of a ride.

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