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Monday, 20 August 2007

The "D" Word

I have a phobia, an all encompassing, nightmarish, frightening fear of visiting the modern day sadist profession known as dentistry.

It's all terrifying, the sounds of the drill, the scraping & poking & especially the thought that if I need any work done then it will have to be done with only an injection into the gum as the NHS no longer uses gas or that lovely, peaceful, float on cloud nine injection in the arm.
I'll do anything rather than go to a dentist & toothache has to reach at least factor 9 before I'll even consider it.

Marshall had to go to the dentist today for a filling, I feel terrible about this as he's not four for another month but thankfully this filling was needed because my son grinds his teeth a lot more than the fact he's a choc-o-holic. Still, I was / am wracked with feelings of guilt & self hatred that my little boy had to have a filling.

I sat in the car & made daddy take him in because I didn't want the look of total fear & panic that would surely be on my face to put him off or scare him. Thanks to whatever god you believe in, he was fine, totally not bothered, he even wants to go back so he can get another sticker.

There was another child also having fillings, the first of eight, the poor child wasn't even three years old, the mother was astounded when she was told that giving her son a bottle of fruit juice every night contributed greatly. She didn't know that fruit contained sugar!

Knowing that some people are parents truly scares me.

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Ross12345 said...

Ha ha the dentist after i had to have 4 teeth out for my brace I dont really care much for being frighted lol.