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Saturday, 11 August 2007

The Sunday Moan & Groan. #4.

Robin phoned me from work last night & said "we need to talk", now this NEVER signifies something good, it's normally something you really don't want to hear like "I'm pregnant" or "I'm leaving" or something else like that but it is not going to be good, fun or nice.
Now, I know HE's not pregnant & I know he's not leaving so I spent all night wondering & worrying, then worrying about the fact my oh so attractive psoriasis will be rapidly breeding because I'm worrying. Did I mention I was worrying just a tad?

When he wakes up & comes downstairs, I'm waiting to hear this news, I feel like I've just walked into the lions den, covered with sausages & meat & I've just knocked over all their pints. I'm sitting there dreading this conversation, with those millions of butterflies you get flying around in your tummy & he says "could you lend me a fiver?". That was the big deal?

How could he have said that last night? Everyone knows you only start a bad conversation with "we need to talk" it always signifies that you just aren't going to like what you hear in any way. A bit like the coroner saying "I have some good news & some bad news, the good news is your husband wasn't dead when we autopsied him". You just know the bad news is going to be really bad.

After all that worry for nothing I now have my psoriasis appearing rapidly, give it a couple of weeks & I'll be able to go out on October 31st in normal clothing & fit right in although as my partner in crime will be a spaceman it will still look a bit strange.

2 people have experienced mischief:

Laane said...

Great photo!

I understand you completely. Psoriasis and all.

A while ago my doc mailed me to say he wanted to talk with me.
I was through the roof...
It was about a bill that was not dated right. Ugh!


Laane said...


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