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Thursday, 12 July 2007

What Good Luck !

We've been given tickets for the International Air Tattoo (RIAT) this weekend, it's usually around £35 a ticket so we're really pleased we would never have been able to go otherwise.

We're probably not going to take Marshall as I think all day in the sun & the noise wouldn't be fair on him so he's going to spend the day with nanny.

It's quite a big show with over 150 planes including ones like stealth bombers, Hercules, Lancasters & the Red Arrows & as many as possible from the WW2.

I'm particularly looking forward to seeing the Italian Air Force but not for the planes........... just the pilots in their uniforms will be enough to make me happy (lol)

There will also be different foods from all sorts of countries & various stalls, I'm bound to be something to buy as I'm magnetically drawn to complete & utter tat.

Knowing my luck I'll get sunstroke !!!

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diddlinaknits said...

well if that picture is an example of the men that will be there then i want to go too!!!!