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Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Breaking The Brake.

We've all heard, read or discussed how schools are failing our children in everything from dealing with bullying to being able to read, write or spell correctly. Some children even leave school without having read an entire book and could not tell you the difference between "to" "too" and "two" and my personal annoyance of "there" and "their".

This is happening in all schools and at all levels, even in the classes where they are expected to be able to show a slight knowledge of spelling simple words that are used daily.
Somehow I'd rather my child went to a different school than the one above!

2 people have experienced mischief:

MrAdventure said...

School is a prison designed to smash the creativity and life out of your child. If you feel so bad and would like to make more memories with him I encourage you to consider homeschooling.

Perhaps the first few years will be good (while he is still fresh and eager,) but after about the fifth grade it's just a giant brainwashing machine designed to remove independent thought and create more wage slaves.

Our schools are demonstrably bad. Look for an alternative.

sheasy said...

If I drove by this sign, I would definitely hit the "brakes". Ha!