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Thursday, 5 June 2008

Random Ramblings.

So here's my latest collection of random thoughts set down here because I've nothing better to say!


You know those shampoo t.v adverts where the woman shakes her head all over the place showing how shiny and glossy her hair is when she uses "shiny, glossy shampoo"?

Well those adverts are a great warning for people like me who don't want to resemble a village idiot with an unfortunate mega tic that makes her head wobble and twist and her hair fly and whip freakishly around her head until she either vomits or faints from dizzyness.

Who knows though maybe it's a case of I need to feel like "I'm worth it".

Playboy / The Girls Next Door.

I love watching this show, I could happily spend all day watching episode after episode and never get bored. I love the characters, I love watching them relate to each other and seeing a small, sanitised snippet of their lives in the Playboy Mansion.
I love the way Hugh Hefner seems to actually love the three girlfriends he has genuinely and how those three (Holly his main girlfriend in particular) seem to genuinely care for him. While it's obviously true that he doesn't want or require anything other than a pretty face and sexy body and that the girlfriends love is tied up with his financial status I'm still sure they each feel something for each other.

On a recent episode, one of the three main girlfriends, Kendra, bought a brand new, expensive apartment purely on the money earnt by her boobs.

Mine wouldn't buy a generic egg cup to go in it.

New School Uniforms.

I went to a meeting at my sons first ever school tonight (my little, baby, boy is getting too big, too quick and I DON'T LIKE IT). After meeting the teachers who will be in charge of my son and learning about all the fun educational things he will be doing, we were given the uniform list.


Just a regular, V neck jumper is £9.95 (for those in the U.S that's around $19!)
If I bought everything he needs from that list I'd need a loan or to marry and divorce Donald Trump at the very least.
So, I've decided to only buy those essentials that need to have the school's name blazoned on them like the book bag, one jumper and the p.e bag. The rest can just be generic, non-name clothing. He'll have permenantly stained them with paint or something truly noxious inside a week anyway.

The Midnight Gurgle.

Anyone who knows me will tell you I suffer from terrible IBS which gives me poo that is pure liquid diarrhoea. Can someone, anyone please tell me why this never happens until the time has passed midnight? Why does it have to wait until I've laid down in bed and am just dropping off to sleep?

It's a curse I tell ya, a curse!

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