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Wednesday, 25 June 2008

An Apple A Day Keeps Happyness Away.

My neighbour and friend has gone to Florida to eat, drink and flirt on holiday and has been begged, threatened and blackmailed is kindly bringing me back an i-pod. Whether it's a classic, nano or shuffle I don't know but it will be cheaper and be a higher spec than any I could get here for the same money.

I'm sad enough to really want one, even with my over thirty-five barely twenty-one years of life behind me. I want to store all my music and favourite pop videos in one place and also have those you-tube mash-ups featuring my favourite tv show characters all stored for my viewing pleasure in the one place.

Ideally I'd like a pink i-pod but as the skins and cases are quite cheap I'm sure I can make mine look exactly how I want it to. Pink enough to make me happy and pink enough so my husband wont want to touch it.

Now for the problem - you knew there was one coming didn't you!

To buy songs, audiobooks, tv shows etc for my i-pod I need an i-tunes store account.
I've tried creating one now for nearly a week and it wont let me. Every-time I enter my maestro credit card details it says it's not a valid payment type even though the information states it accepts maestro. It also states it accepts paypal, but there's no option anywhere to actually use your paypal details to open an account.

I e-mailed "apple" explained my problem and received a generic e-mail back which addressed none of my concerns and provided no helpful information whatsoever.
It seems that apple just care about you until you purchase one of its products and once you do it doesn't care about the customer or it's service to that customer.
I should have gotten a "zune".

So, I now have an i-pod I can't put music on. A music gadget made by an extremely large international company who have less than no interest in helping me sort this.
I'll not be buying another apple product ever again, I'll stick to generic brands and smaller companies that are willing to provide customer service to those that live outside of the U.S. Companies not like apple.

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Teena in Toronto said...

I still use a walkman! Ha! Seriously, I do!

Happy blogoversary!