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Friday, 2 May 2008

Mariah Carey - Stupidly in "love"

Blatantly Stupid!

According to the media Mariah has married her boyfriend of around one month. She wanted to marry him so much that she didn't bother to get a pre-nup drawn up either.
Nick Cannon (the groom) an actor / presenter / rapper (shades of K-fed ?) is said to have married Mariah in the Bahamas where she has a palatial home.
Now, I don't know about you but if I had the gazillions in the bank that I had worked hard for I wouldn't marry anyone no matter how well endowed fantastic after one month. Did she not learn anything from Britneys example? Her quick marriage sans pre-nup didn't work out financially beneficial to her although I'm sure K-fed doesn't regret a moment of it.
When you have that sort of money a pre-nup should be essential. It would not only protect her financially if things go wrong (and you never know what can happen in the future) but I think it would also prove that he isn't after her for the money a divorce will bring.
He's apparantly in showbiz and (yawn) a wannabe rapper yet I've never heard of him so success has been limited. I can see many benefits in this marriage for him just like K-fed had.
After only four weeks this isn't love it is lust like, maybe a strong liking but you can't possibly know someone well enough after a paltry month to be in love and certainly not the love that you need to have a lasting, loving and happy marriage.
He's done well for himself all he has to do is have sex with an attractive woman and treat her nice for a year or so and he'll rake in millions more than she will have already wasted spent on him during the marriage.
Then again though I don't think I could put up with being married to a "diva" and pandering to her every whim. It's hard enough doing that for my own child and he's my life.

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