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Sunday, 23 March 2008

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Flowers are lovely. They brighten a room, some smell nice and they're just a lovely, romantic gift to receive that won't lock on to your hips and settle down for life breeding little uns like a sex addicted rabbit with no idea about contraception.

They are also (in my case) a complete and utter waste of time.

While I admit they look beautiful they are also quick to die and expensive for the couple of days they look nice. I can kill silk flowers so real ones have no chance. Vases in my house are like a neglectful hospice for those who wish to die quickly.

So while I will happily dump in a cup accept various weeds flowers from my son I'd rather not have money wasted on them. Put the money on a bill / buy me something from Playboy / buy some laptop memory, anything just don't waste it on something I can kill within the hour.

That said I would love to have "green-fingers" so I could keep flowers alive or even have some in the scarred, battered tiny patch of land covered with toys that thinks it is a garden.

I have an idealistic dream of sitting in the garden eating scones and jam while a stream flows nearby and the smell of roses and honeysuckle wafts through my garden. Very English, country garden, very cottagey, very stupid and never going to happen. What I get is a backyard mainly muddy, full of plastic outdoor toys and the unforgettable aroma of dog ............................
From next door not my "garden"!

Somehow I can't see my garden dream coming true and even if it did I'd kill the flowers, turn the lawn to mud and get stung by every bee and wasp in a hundred mile radius while big, black, hairy spiders ran over my feet.

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flutter said...

ahhhhhhhhhhhhh ahahahahahahahahahah this post was great about the flowers, you hit all the answers with a nail on the head.

I love the way you write its, very witty, very true and you had me laughing so hard......

Thank you for sharing