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Saturday, 2 February 2008

We'll Kick Her While She's Down

This is one of the truest statements I have heard on the subject of this poor woman.

Britney Spears is afforded no privacy at all in dealing with her issues. It's as if there are jackals at the gate just waiting for her to commit suicide. It's a travesty. Not only do the women have to deal with an impossibly high body image standard, but they are savagely attacked when they don't meet expectations on that front. Add this pressure to perhaps a pre-existing mental disorder and you have the makings of a very tortured soul.

You can read the article here:

The more that goes wrong for her the more I feel incredibly sorry for her.
She doesn't seem to have had any friends who like her for her, just people who are out for what they can get. It's like people can only see dollar signs when they see her.
She's made some incredibly bad choices and that could have been the slow downwards slant to her current condition. Looking back all those errors in judgement were mini warning signs, they seem so to me anyway.

She was gushed over for her looks and body when she was in her late teens but there's no way anyone could have kids and not go through some physical changes.
The media have been more nasty and spiteful than a gaggle of bitchy schoolgirls and the constant slagging off must have hurt, probably deeply.

How do you fight back from that?
How do you fight back when everyone is insulting you and making fun of your every move?

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