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Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Hairdresser Abuse Advice.

Now this has the potential to be a real help to many women.

Online magazine Jezebel has an article today on a new volunteer scheme to help provide suspected victims of abuse with the information they may need to get help. This will be done by providing hairdressers with various information to give to those they suspect may need it.

Now this scheme is like many things good in theory but there are some glaring problems like:

* Many domestic abuse victims are expert at hiding the signs of abuse.
* Many victims find the abuse hard to admit to themselves let alone to someone else.
* How many women would be happy having their life discussed in a hair salon with
their neighbours listening to every word?
* Could anyone take advice from a hairdresser about anything other than hair?
* How can a giggling teenager advise an older woman on an issue like this without
being insulting or degrading?
* How many typical hairdressers could sensitively handle a subject like this?

I know there are organisations, charities and shelters to help abuse victims.
I could not take advice from a giggling girlie hairstylist no matter how well meant.
I realise I'm stereotyping here but well, you know what I mean.
Many hairdressers can't conduct a conversation more intelligent than "where are you going on holiday?" so a deep, complicated topic like this isn't going to be handled well.

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