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Sunday, 20 January 2008

Silence Is Golden.

Moan, whine, bark, howl, sleep, moan, whine, bark, howl, sleep, moan, bark.............. (shuffle and repeat forever)

This is the soundtrack my new puppy Benjy has decided is essential for me when I try to sleep.
Out of the 5 songs listed above I only like one and that is the wonderful, "sleep" song.
These songs are on a permanent shuffle which lasts until I get up and move downstairs.

I'm tired, ok, I'm shattered he's only quiet when he's leeched to my side, he's a definate cuddle dog but I need sleep desperately.
Cuddling is lovely I admit it but only during the day. I need sleep to function where this pup can survive on 10 minutes sleep.

He's a lovely dog, he's a bit of a strange mix though

half - collie / terrier cross
half - retriever

He was born on the first of December so he's still only young but he's got to get used to sleeping at night and the sooner he starts pooping and peeing on the paper all the time the better.

And I thought newborn babies were hard!

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SarahC♥ said...

I too have just got myself a puppy. She is a 9 week old Lhasa Apso and i have to agree with you, potty training was a breeze compared to house training this dog!
She yapped and howled constantly for the first 2 or 3 nights, for the ENTIRE night, but now, she's cool, she'll sleep through, we have just got to master that my front room, IS NOT a toilet!!!!


I have written about it on my blog, also if you have any queries, there is a forum called "" which is fab.