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Sunday, 16 December 2007

Lights, Neons And Homers....... It Must Be Christmas.

Do you love those Christmas lights & neon statues some people have in their gardens?

Or do you prefer a small decorated tree twinkling merry while the rest of the garden is bare?

Perhaps you just hang a tastefully decorated wreath to your front door?

My garden is bare, no neon lights or LED Santas, no twinkling lights and no inflatable snowmen or Homer Simpsons dressed in Santa suits.

Inside my house is a different story. I have two trees one decorated by my husband and me and one my son decorated all by himself. This means 400 baubles on two branches and great big gaps where there's nothing except branches but he's only four and he's so proud of it.

This is how I want my garden to look although the neighbours may disagree.

I'm sure the electric company will love it.

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