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Thursday, 22 November 2007

Customer Service Is Dead At Pizza Hut.

We went to Pizza Hut this evening to get some garlicc bread with cheese take out.
We went to the one at the Orbital Shopping Park, Abbey Meads, Swindon.
I recommend the food but not the inept, uncaring service, it is truly abominable.

I will list the experience here for all to read in the hope that no-one else will have to suffer the ignorant attitude that I and others suffered today.

1) I arrived and placed my order for 2 portions of garlic bread with cheese at
7 pm.
2) 3 other people placed orders after me for pizza and pasta take out.
3) Half an hour later they all received their orders, I didn't get mine.
4) I asked where mine was and was answered with a shrug of the shoulders.
5) 40 mins of waiting and I asked to see the manager.
6) 45 minutes of waiting I explain to manageress the situation and ask why I am
still waiting when it is only garlic bread with cheese and not a banquet. I am
told that the first lot burnt and had to be cooked again.

Why wasn't I told?

There was no apology given to me by either the staff or the manager.

7) The order turned up only the cheese was not melted in fact it wasn't even hot.
8) I sent it back while staff huffed,sighed and rolled their eyes towards heaven.
9) After 55 minutes of waiting I get my order, cooked and hot and slammed on the
counter in front of me.
10) I explained how disgusted I was and left.
11) The staff were busy, sarcastically wishing me a pleasant meal and it was most
definately dripping with sarcasm.

We put the order in the bin, they most likely spat on it. Their behaviour and attitude makes that extremely likely.

I find it difficult to believe that this attitude was prevalent in not only the staff but in the young manageress also. I was not rude or arrogant I just was not pleased in waiting over 45 minutes for some garlic bread.

I will never be going there again neither will 5 or 6 of the other people waiting fruitlessly for their take out. I can't blame them.

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Simon said...

wow. anyone can make a mistake with an order, but there is no excuse for rudeness