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Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Gourmet Cat (cos it sure as hell aint me, now)

Last night I thought I would give Robin a surprise & cook him a nice meal while he was asleep so he'd have a really good, heart warming, life affirming meal (?) no, let's call it a repast it sounds posher before he trudged off to work.

I decided to cook beef bourguignonne. I know it sounds impressive but it's really a packet mix & all I do is brown the beef first, cover it in the packet of sauce & bung it in the oven but as long as he thinks it's impressive I'm not going to burst the illusion.

I'd bought some expensive, good quality diced steak from the butcher & put it in the freezer so I took it out last night so it could defrost.

I put the bag on a plate & left it on the side in the kitchen to get a good start on defrosting.

I forgot to put it in the fridge when I went to bed.

I woke up this morning & couldn't find the beef anywhere, the plate was there but there was no sign of the bag of beef, nothing, nada.

As I moved to the front room to wake up with some Josh Duhamel eye candy on tv I see a large pool of red liquid with tiny tiny blobs in it & one very happy, bloated cat.

The tiny blobs were the remainder of my big, expensive, high quality steak & the cat is now banished for the night.

Although with all the pregnancies he is being blamed for I'm not surprised he needed extra nutrition.

(I'd put down extra biscuits for him but given the choice I suppose the biscuits just weren't any way near as appetising as my beef).

1 people have experienced mischief:

childlife said...

Oh Nooooo!! He didn't!!! Our cat once chewed the tip off a baby bottle to get at the milk, but that's about the worst we've seen. I still went around muttering "wretched cat!!" under my breath for the remainder of the day... : )