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Sunday, 19 August 2007

I'd Love To Go Back In Time.

If I had to choose an historical era to visit after much wavering between Tudor England & Rome in Caesar's time I would pick Tudor.
Rome has Titus Pullo & while I'd love to see if he was anything like the Titus in the tv show Rome the thought of all those orgies is off putting I mean, who has the energy or inclination for all that? not me. So, Tudor times it is.

I would love to see what Henry The Eighth really looked like, not the fat, syphillitic king of later years but the younger, thinner & apparantly adonis like youthfull king.
I'd like to be able to warn Anne Boleyn about becoming his second wife & to see if she really was as thin & beautiful as rumoured to be. Plus I'd love to see her sixth fingernail & hopefully I could be one of the few, the very few who would tell her the truth no matter if she wanted or liked what she was hearing or not.

I'd love to see & wear the clothes from back then, I love the look of those dresses that go in at the waist (do you hear that waist? I said IN at the waist) & they were made from such sumptuous fabrics like satin & silk. I can't really pop to the store & buy one & wear it as everyday wear so this would be the only way I could wear these clothes & actually have a waist.
I'd also love to possess some of the jewellery as it was all gold & precious stones like diamonds, rubies & pearls, especially if I could bring it back with me.

I'd love to see all the pomp & ceremony that took place at court & just how public the lives of the aristocracy & royalty were, they couldn't even poop on their own so that would be interesting. I'd love to have a multitude of servants to do everything instead of me so I could just relax & enjoy myself.

I'd have to be a member of the aristocracy though I'm not the type to be a servant & I'm far too lazy I admit it & the chores they had to do sound degrading & rather nightmarish, lets face it who would want to empty the royal chamber pot or work in the kitchen naked because of the heat?
I wouldn't want to visit for too long because I like toothpaste, regular baths & flushing toilets & knowing my luck I'd be walking underneath the window when they emptied the chamber pots.
Health, hygiene & vermin aside though I think it would be a fantastic time to visit as long as I could keep a straight face while talking to a man wearing tights & a codpiece.

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awannabe said...

Wow, thats really interesting. I've never heard anyone say they wanted to go back in that time period. I think the 1500's would have been a scary world to live in.

I don't think women had very many rights. There was so much injustice going on and abuses of authority.

I would have been burned at the stake... lol.

Thank you so much for your comment on my blog. I hope all is well with you.

Oh, and I always thought that the time period I wanted to visit was the late 1800's... Little House on the Prarie makes it look like a perfect world. But having done genealogy research, I imagine it was pretty difficult to survive back then.

My heart wants to go back to my freshman year of highschool... can't say why.

Sue said...

If you warned Anne, and she listened then the greatest Queen of any age would have never been born! And that would just be unthinkable!

I actually have a large portrait of Her Majesty Elizabeth I hanging in my livingroom .. ;)

Mine is up too, if you have a moment please do stop by. Here is the direct link: