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Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Kids Aloud

We visited one of those indoor playcentres today, you know the ones where your precious kids climb 400 storeys high to go down an almost vertical slide to obvious death, the places where you almost have one panic attack after another but your death defying kids have an absolute fantastic time.

It costs around £5 per child which seems like a lot till you discover that a meal is also included in the price & while it may not be the healthiest food in the world (my son had fish fingers, chips & beans) it is food that the majority of kids
will eat.

This photo shows my son happily perched in a pod thing, he's just discovered there's even
more than he thought to play on (or he's
considering what to do to scare me next).

You can see by the beaming smile how much
fun he's having & all the other kids there
all looked the same, beaming smiles. It was a
bit like being in an active Stepford munchkin
village but well worth every penny.

I even got to finish my book & didn't have to
read the same page ten times before it made

If you would like the peace & quiet for a couple of hours & even better no cooking or washingup this is the place for you (just take any heart medication with you).

Here's a link to the website

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