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Tuesday, 24 July 2007

The Tuesday trial & Tribulation - Housework.

Those of you that know me will know that patience has never been a virtue I possess well I've recently found another to add to the ever increasing list of traits I don't have & that seemingly elusive trait is the ability to do housework.
I seem to be male-like in this thinking as I can happily leave something for weeks, well, at least until the female part of me takes over & I just can't stand the mess any more.Then I stomp around, sighing & huffing & making a great, big deal of whatever it is I am doing while muttering death threats & insults under my breath all of course directed at Robin. The very same Robin that due to the fact he is male cannot see anything wrong because it'll get done eventually so why worry ? or he just won't notice it at all like the mysterious empty toilet rolls or worn socks that can only be seen by my solitary female eyes.

I hate all housework, there is nothing about it in the least bit enjoyable but one of the worst chores has to be washing up the plates & pot & pans not only is it mind numbingly boring but there's always little bits of food floating merrily in the water like mini icebergs & my hands are the Titanic doomed to spend forever in the watery nightmare. One good bit is that Celine blooming Dion isn't warbling in the background but as that's the only good thing it doesn't really count.

One of my fondest dreams is to have the money to afford a cleaner or if I really dream a proper housekeeper who will do all the chores I hate & do them much better & without complaint. This small matter of employing someone would give us all tasty, home-cooked meals (note the word tasty as opposed to my burnt offerings), freshly laundered & wrinkle free clothes, a carpet you can see & polished furniture.........
So, if you would like to apply for this position there is one major condition & that is that the position is for energetic, hard working, perfectionists only & voluntary.
I can compromise on all points apart from the voluntary proviso.

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HomeandHearth said...

Thanks for visiting!

And yes, I can relate on the male- vs. female-like thinking. I'm ignoring the dishes to play online at the moment (and have been for days), but I'm sure that soon I won't be able to ignore them any longer!

Ambearluv said...

I hate housework myself, and am sooo glad that my DH is willing to give me a hand with it.

Robin said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and signing up for my giveaway. Your name is in the hat! My drawing will be held on Monday, as I will be out of town this weekend.