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Sunday, 3 February 2008

Random Ramblings

I have a long list of youtube favourites mainly tv show mash ups set to music.

I'd love to put these on a dvd so I could watch them on the tv but I can't find any software that will enable me to download these youtube clips to my pc and then to disk in the correct format.

I know there's got to be something out there that I can use to do this (preferably freeware) whether or not I can find it is another thing entirely.


There is one food I've wanted to try for years and years, it will seem silly to those in the U.S who can find it in any cafe or truckstop they care to visit. There's countless recipes online that could help me to make them if I had any baking ability at all (sadly I haven't). It can be bought ready-made but (and this is just bloody typical) not in the U.K, it's not even in any of the American online food shops.

What is this elusive meal I so desperately want to try ?

American Biscuits And Gravy (U.S biscuits aren't like U.K biscuits in any way at all).


I've become totally addicted to watching and reading all things "Little House On The Prairie" and "Laura Ingalls Wilder". I'm trying to but the entire show on dvd and of course all the books too. I've even bought books about the same time and area by other authors who are in no way related to "Little House" in any way.
I'm so far gone I want to live the life they led even with all the hardship and health issues they had then. In reality I couldn't last for more than an hour I'm too lazy, self-centred and addicted to the easy lives we have now. It's an effort for me to use the washing machine or microwave so I can't see me cooking from scratch or washing clothes down by the river bank.
Then there's the fact that the men didn't look like Michael Landon, they had full beards and moustaches and probably stank of body odour and repulsive yellow and black teeth.

If they did all look like Michael Landon a woman would definately have invented a time machine by now.
Can anyone tell me who took my little boy and left an identical looking monster in his place?

2 people have experienced mischief:

Skittles said...

Anytime we go out to eat if there's country fried steak with gravy and biscuits, I know what hubby is ordering!

You've won the caption contest and I'll have your prize posted soon. :)

awannabe said...

Little House was actually the time period I wanted to live in, but I'm still not sure how they kept ice in the ice cellar during the summer. Remember when Nancy locks Willie's girlfriend in?

I had the immense pleasure of reading all the original books a few years ago. On the Banks of Plum Creek is my favorite. Laura Ingalls Wilder sure has a descriptive way of writing that I soo envy.