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Monday, 24 December 2007


What is the kindest thing you’ve ever done for someone?
Do you go out of your way very often to help people out?
Why or why not?
There was a woman at the supermarket obviously a single parent or one struggling financially who had not quite budgeted right when it came to the food shopping.
She needed £5 more or had to put something back.
I went up to her and the cashier just as she was collecting things to go back such as bread, tomato sauce and nappy wipes and said I'd like to give you the money you need because it's Christmas and because someone helped me like this once when I needed it so now it is my turn to do so.
She didn't refuse but was so happy, she must have thanked me 40 times. She asked for my address so she could return it but I just said that she should help someone when she sees someone in need and that would be more than enough thanks.
I hope she does, I love the whole idea of "paying it forward" like in the film.
If we all did this maybe this world would be a better place.
(as I always told my ex husband it's the little things that count).

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Krista said...

That was very awesome. I remember the day I was counting change to get coffee (which was the only sustenance I would get that morning) and the cashier told me not to worry about it. Changed a horrid day into a happy one!