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Monday, 6 August 2007

Tuesday's Trials & Tribulations. #4.

This miserable body.

If you could change just one part of your body what would you change ?
your tummy ?
your boobs ?

For me it would have to be my tummy (although a face transplant sounds quite nice).
I had that "leftover pregnancy bulge" from the age of nine years old & when I eventually did have a pregnancy the bulge neither grew nor shrunk it just stayed exactly the same proud in the fact that it was there forever & nothing I could do would alter that fact.
I hate the way television & magazines are full of size zero / UK size 6 models, even if I was a fashion victim which incidently I'm not my tummy would never be flat like these womens tummy's it's unattainable for the large majority of us.

These media publications & shows are to blame for the dislike many women have for their bodies & for the constant dieting many women live by.
Even young teens & tweenies are not exempt from this bombarding of skinny ideals after all Barbie wouldn't be able to stand if her proportions were true-life.
Anorexia & other eating disorders are on the rise & the young women (and men) affected are getting younger & younger already living enshrined in the belief that if they aren't pitifully underweight then they are fat.

I'm sick & tired of the skinny Victoria Beckham styled women of this world & I wish more young girls would emulate Tyra Banks & understand that as long as you're happy inside, in good health & make the most of what you have you can look great whether you're a size 6, 10, 14 or even 22.

So this is today's T & T because how on earth am I meant to feel good about myself & see myself realistically when all the women on tv & in magazines weigh an average of 3 stone.

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Addie said...

I have come to the conclusion that those ladies are fake and have miserable lives ... I know exactly how you feel. I had two babies already and I am still trying to get rid of the extra baggage from the first pregnancy.

Thanks for the lovely comment left on my blog today. Sarah Ann is actually my niece and not my daughter - I would love to have her as my own, though!!!

zoe said...

i think i'd go for .... my tummy. i'm too lazy to exercise, although after giving birth to todd i managed to work out so well that i was back in a bikini for the first time since i was 19.

i can no longer go to the gym though :( too damn expensive.

jen said...

yup, stomach. and it's true how inundated we are with thin-ness and the toll it takes on us is awful. no one should be skeletal on purpose.